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Sofa, Carpet and Curtain Cleaning In Dubai

Clean Arabia Offers you best Sofa, carpet and curtain cleaning services in Dubai as we proudly lead this industry. We use perfumed detergent which is environmentally friendly and makes you room hygienic and shiny looking.

Get the Best Sofa Cleaning Services in Dubai

All of us want to keep our home environment neat and clean. A sofa is such essential stuff of our home that has a direct impact on the home environment. A dirty sofa can spoil the environment of our home. Unfortunately, in a populous city like Dubai dust can easily reach your sofa.

How to get rid of it? Are you also facing the same problem? Clean Arabia offers you the solution with Sofa Cleaning Services in Dubai. 

Sofa Cleaning Services in Dubai

From us, you can get a professional Sofa cleaning service. So, you don’t have to be tensed anymore about dust on the sofa. We will effectively clean your sofa and keep your home environment clean. Let us take the responsibilities of cleaning your sofa and other upholsteries

Can you feel the importance of a clean sofa? A sofa is deeply connected to our daily life. When you get back home after daily work, probably you love to sit on your sofa. Whether we watch television or gossip with family members, we are used to sitting on the sofa.

With regular use, the sofa gets dirty. Therefore, dirt accumulates on the sofa easily. It badly affects both the home environment and health condition. Moreover, regular dust and dirt damage your sofa. But hopefully, it won’t happen anymore. Our sofa cleaning service will protect your sofa.

Clean Arabia provides all kinds of sofa cleaning in Dubai, including sofa carpet cleaning service to keep your home environment clean and healthy.

Stay away from Germs and Allergies 

Everyone is used to sit on a sofa. Have you ever thought about the amount of dust and dirt accumulates in this process? Gradually, these germs and bacteria lead to allergy. You and your family members may have to suffer in the long run. To stay safe from these you should take the best sofa cleaning service.

We are devoted to providing you that. Our deep cleaning method will kill germs and bacteria. On a clean sofa, you can stay relax without having any tension of germs and bacteria. Isn’t it a pleasant thing? I think so. Contact us now to get our service.

Get a new look for your Sofa

Excessive dust can spoil the look of the sofa. With the regular use sofa gets a dirty look. A new looking sofa is pleasant to see. With our professional service, your sofa will look like a new one. It will also improve the overall look of your inside home environment.

Want to enjoy a new look at your sofa? Ask for a quote now.


Types of Sofa Cleaning In Dubai

Depending on the materials of your sofa, we provide two types of sofa cleaning services. Both methods are effective and sufficient. Let me introduce it

  • Sofa Shampoo Cleaning Service, Dubai

The shampoo cleaning technique is an effective way to clean upholstery. In this technique, we clean your sofa using shampoo. Worried about the fabric’s color on the sofa? Don’t need to worry. We will send a highly experienced sofa cleaners team in your home.

Thinking about the time to use your sofa again after cleaning? Typically, it takes three to four hours to get dry. You don’t have to delay a long amount of time. You can contact us according to your free time. CA is always ready to assist you with our service.

We will remove dust, dirt, and spots. Want to sit on a clean sofa? Contact us now.

  • Sofa Steam Cleaning Service, Dubai 

Willing to clean your sofa without making it wet? We are offering a sofa steam cleaning service to you. Yes, with the help of steam we can clean your sofa without wetting it. Are you eager to know more? Okay.

Couch Steam cleaning method is more effective for killing germs. Besides that, you can use your sofa right after the cleaning process. Don’t have to wait for getting dry. That’s a nice advantage.

Still worried about dust? Our experienced sofa cleaners will remove dust and other unwanted stuff.

Do you also want to make your sofa dust and germs free? Get your quote now.

  • Sofa Carpet Cleaning In Dubai

To make you completely satisfied, we also provide sofa carpet cleaning services in Dubai. As a sofa, a clean carpet is also necessary to get overall clean surroundings. From this thinking, we are offering this facility.

Why you are doing a delay? Let book your reservation. Our team will reach your home with the necessary equipment.

Our Working Process

At this point, let me give you a brief idea about our cleaning process.

  • Inspection 

At the very first, we will inspect your sofa to collect its information and your requirements. Usually, we inspect the condition of the sofa, its material, number of seats & cushions, etc. Then we approach the suitable method.

  • Choose Cleaning method 

After the primary inspection, our experienced sofa cleaner decides the cleaning method. It depends on the sofa condition & material, dust on it. In this method, we also choose the chemical that we are going to use.

  • Dust Removing

In this step, we take out dust, dirt, and other unwanted stuff from your couch. Additionally, we also remove spots using our chemicals.

  • Shampooing or Steaming 

At this stage, we use the appropriate technique for cleaning your sofa. If shampooing is the best option, we clean upholstery with shampoo and water. Our cleaners ensure not to damage fabric and color.

If we found that steam cleaning as the best option, we clean follow this method. Professional couch cleaners kill germs and growing bacteria with the help of a steam machine.

  • Finishing stage 

Last but not the least, in this step we manually clean difficult parts of the sofa. The machine may not be able to reach every portion of a sofa. Therefore, we manually take care of these parts.

Following these five steps, we make sure that you got the best Sofa cleaning service in Dubai. Do you have any questions? Contact Us anytime. We will respond as soon as possible.

How frequently should I take Sofa Cleaning Service? 

Are you also thinking of the same question? Alright, we recommend you to take this service bi-annually. This isn’t only necessary to keep your sofa clean but also for keeping sofa germs-free.

With our professional sofa cleaning, your family will be safe from dust, allergy and bacteria. Have you cleaned your sofa within the last six months? If you haven’t done it, contact us immediately.

Benefits You will Get from Clean Arabia

Hiring a professional Cleaning Companies like us will be beneficial for you in many ways. Let me mention some of the benefits.

  • Experienced Sofa Cleaners 

As we have a highly skilled and experienced cleaning team, they know it well how to clean your sofa effectively. There won’t be any dust on your sofa, neither any germ.

  • Right Cleaning Equipment 

You must clean your sofa with the proper equipment. Using the wrong chemicals and materials can damage your beautiful sofa. With our experience and skill, we perform the cleaning process with the right equipment.

  • Get a new look

As we know, having a good look is essential for upholstery. Clean Arabia tries to bring back the new look.

  • Don’t need to dry under Sun 

Typically, after DIY cleaning you may put the sofa under the sun for drying. It takes a too long time to dry. At the same time, sun rays damage the color of the sofa. Our sofa cleaning team will follow an efficient drying method. After steam sofa cleaning, you can use the sofa immediately. For shampoo cleaning, it will take up to four hours to get dry.

  • Clean Hidden dust

There are so many places on the sofa where dust can easily accumulate. In normal cleaning, these specks of dust may remain. But with our advanced and deep sofa cleaning, we will clean dust from every corner.

  • No risk of Damaging 

CA ensures that the sofa doesn’t get damaged. Moreover, our intensive cleaning method increases the life-span of your couch. You can use your sofa for a longer period.

Don’t miss these benefits. Get your quotes now.

Get the Price

Want to know the price for Sofa cleaning In Dubai? It varies according to the lengths, material, seats and cleaning types.

To get the exact price for your sofa inform us of the details of your sofa. You can also contact us for an inspection. Our cleaning team will reach your home. After the inspection, we will inform you of the exact price.

Clean Arabia is devoted to providing you the best upholstery cleaning service at a reasonable price.

To get additional information lets to jump to the FAQ section.



Q. How much does it cost to get a couch professionally cleaned?

A. Depends on your couch. The price varies according to the couch size, material, seats and cleaning method. Typically, the price for a 4-seat fabric sofa cleaning starts from AED 150. For a 4-seat leather sofa cleaning, the price starts from AED 250.

Q. Is it expensive to hire a Sofa Cleaning Company in Dubai?

A. Considering the benefits you get from a professional cleaning company, it isn’t much expensive. Clean Arabia offers you the best price.


Q. Which type of sofa and upholstery you can clean?

A. Clean Arabia delivers cleaning services for every type of upholstery. We have a skilled cleaner’s team to clean any upholstery.


Q. Which types of Cleaning Method CA provide?

A. Clean Arabia provides both of steam cleaning and shampoo cleaning service for couch & upholstery.


Q. Which technique will be best for my sofa, Shampoo cleaning, or steam cleaning?

A. It depends on the material of your sofa. To know the best one for your sofa, contact us with the details.

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