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Pest control Service In Dubai

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Pest control Service In Dubai

Do pests make you uncomfortable? Are you looking for a great service and a solution? Clean Arabia, the leading cleaning services company is ready to help you.

By taking our trusted program, you can save your valuable time and we are going to do a nice thing for you that will bring relief in your life. We can remove all type of pests and make your home, office or commercial area pests-free.

Get service from One of the Best Pest Control Company In Dubai

Having pests in a living place isn’t only irritating but also harmful in many ways. Whether it is home or office, pests are harmful to everywhere. All of us want to stay safe from these harmful insects. Unfortunately, it is not that easy.

That’s we’ve stepped up to help you with this issue. You don’t need to run behind the pests with a spray bottle. Clean Arabia will do everything for you to keep you away from pests. Ask for a quote and get service from the best pest control company in Dubai.

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We will take care of your safety


As we are experts in this field, we will take care of your safety. Some of the pesticides are harmful to use. Clean Arabia is devoted to ensuring full safety for you. Therefore, you perform the entire act in a safe way. We don’t use any harmful pesticides neither follow any unhygienic process.

So, you and your family will be safe.


Don’t let in any pests in your living place

The existence of pests in the living place is always disturbing. It can damage even more than you can expect. If there are any pests in your house, you and your family are in danger. You should hire a pest control and cleaning Service Company like us.

Otherwise, pests will harm you and your family. For example, cockroaches can easily spread disease and make your home environment unhygienic. Rats are harmful to wires and crops. Some pests like a termite, white ant are harmful to the sofa and other furniture. Snakes and venomous insects can be the cause of serious damage to your body and health.

Hence, you shouldn’t make any delay when you find pests in your home. Hire us and get our pest control services in Dubai.


Type of Pests, we can keep you away from


Are you thinking, from which pests we can keep you safe? Alright, let me give you the answer.

In Dubai, some common pests are cockroach, mosquito, ant, rat, termite, rodent, snake, bed bugs, etc. Hopefully, we can protect you from all of these pests. Clean Arabia offers pest control in Dubai that you are exactly looking for.

With the help of our service, you can easily get rid of pests in Dubai.


Domestic Pest Control Services in Dubai 


pest Control service in dubai


The resident is intensively connected with us. We always try our best to keep the home environment neat and clean. Unfortunately, pests can ruin this environment and become the cause of headaches. A domestic pest control service can assist you in this case.

Looking for a domestic Pest Control Company in Dubai? Clean Arabia cans the best solution. We have different plans and pricing according to your needs. You will get a pest control service with intensive care.

We are more than sufficient to keep your residents free from any kind of pests. Moreover, we perform the process following a healthy way. We never use any poisonous pesticides that may harm your family. So, you can choose us without any hesitation. We offer a to z services pest control in Dubai.

CA can ensure long-lasting results for your resident. What’s the delay then? Ask for a quote now.

Commercial Pest Control Services in Dubai 

pest control service in dubai


Many things depend on the environment of the workplace like productivity, concentration etc. Unexpectedly, harmful insects can affect badly on it. Are you also facing the same problem and looking for a commercial pest Control Company in Dubai?

We can help you with this issue. Our top-rated pest control service will keep your commercial space free from harmful insects.

Whether you have a small space of bigger, we are suitable for both. We’ve different types of packages according to your requirement and budgets. CA can give you the guaranty of customer satisfaction.

Want to know how effective our service is?

Alright, let me narrate shortly.

Clean Arabia is able to detect pest existence in the initial stage. Therefore, we can effectively kill and prevent them. We have lots of experience in this field. With the help of our previous knowledge, we can guess the possibility of seasonal pests. We will not only treat existing pests but also make sure to prevent it. That’s great, isn’t it?

Particularly, if you are connected with the food business, pests can badly damage your business. You should always stay aware of these unexpected insects. Hence, you should hire an experienced pest control company like us. Then, you won’t have to face any bad situation.

Hire us and we will reach your office. Later on, we will inspect your pest problems and provide you effective solutions. All pests will be disappeared.

When there are pests like rat, cockroach, bee, ant, employees can lose their attention. Safety is also a big issue here. Sometimes, rat cuts electric wires. That can be the cause of an accident. Thankfully, it won’t happen anymore with our comprehensive pest control service.

Clean Arabia understands your needs and fulfills it in a great way.

Fumigation Service in Dubai 

Pest Control service in dubai


Fumigation, a pest control technique denotes the process of repulsing pests using gaseous pesticides. Nowadays, it has become a common technique. Particularly, this technique is popular for driving away pests from agricultural space. Willing to take this service?

Clean Arabia is providing fumigation service by an experienced team. As toxic chemicals are used in this technique, we take the responsibilities of your safety.

Anti-termite Service in Dubai 

Termites can badly damage paper, fabrics and wood furniture. Want to get rid of it? We are offering two types of anti-termite services to keep you away from termite.

Firstly, let me introduce treatment for existing furniture. If you already have a termite problem, then you should take this service. We will protect your wall, furniture, door, windows from termite attack with our effective technique.

There is a saying,” prevention is better than cure”. From this thinking, we provide Pre-Construction Anti Termite Service.

Are you planning for a new property? We will apply liquid treatments on both sides of the property to prevent termite permanently. In this way, termite won’t be able to attack your wall, furniture, door, or windows. That sounds really great.

Before purchasing or construction of a property or furniture, make sure that you are taking anti-termite treatment from us.

Why Clean Arabia is Special?

  • Skilled and experienced pest control team
  • Best service within your budget
  • Able to impulse any pests
  • Prevent From occurring again
  • Effective and long-lasting technique
  • 24×7 service
  • Offers you pests free spaces
  • Don’t Use poisonous pesticides


How often pest control should be done? 

Are you feeling confused about how often you should hire pest Control Company in Dubai?

It depends on the condition of infestations. Normally, we recommend doing pest control bi-monthly (once in two months). If there is too much infestation, then you should take monthly service.

You can also contact us to get a recommendation from us according to your condition.

Why you should hire a Pest Control Company in Dubai? 

To keep your home prim, pest control is much needed. Pests are not only harmful to your Building and furniture but also dangerous for health. There is no need to stay at risk. You may think that you can clean yourself.

Don’t DIY DIY isn’t a good decision always. Pest control is a comprehensive process. Pests controlling doesn’t mean only repulsing pests you can see. If you follow DIY treatments, you won’t be able to keep away hidden pests. A trained person can stop infestations effectively both from visible and hidden pests.

  • Keep your Property Safe from Damaging

Pests are one of the main key reasons for damaging your properties. In our home, there are many things made of woods. Termites and white ants damage these wood-made properties. The worst part is, they hide inside walls.

The pest will harm your valuable property even before you notice it. Apart from this, pests are also harmful to paper and fabrics. Cockroaches, white ants, rats etc can damage your valuable paper and cut into pieces. You can stay safe from these with the help of pest control in Dubai.

  • To finish pests from the source

Pests should be finished from the source of the infestation. Otherwise, the problem will be visible again and again. Professional pest Control Company like Clean Arabia can identify the source of the infestation.

Then we will take the necessary steps to destroy the problem from the root. This is a big advantage you can get from a pest control service.

  • Save your time

Pest control is a long and time killing process. If you want to do-it-yourself, it will take lots of your time and energy. Still, you may not get the proper results.

We will give you satisfactory results. You don’t need to waste your time and effort. So, you can focus on your work.

Get Price

Want to know the price of pest control service? It has various categories. The price varies according to the apartment size, requirements, infestation condition, types of pesticides etc.

To get the exact price for your home or office service, ask for a quote with details. Then CA will inform you of the exact price considering those factors. You will be glad to know, Clean Arabia offers the best service at a reasonable price.

Ask for a quote now.

Let me finish with FAQ.



1. What are different types of pest control?

Ans: Pest control can be done in many ways. Some of the common types are mechanical pest control, biological pest control, trap cropping, physical pest control, field burning, using pesticides.

2. How much pest control cost in Dubai?

Ans: It depends on apartment size, location, pest’s infestation etc. Normally, for a 3 room flat, you have to count around 300 to 400 AED. To get the exact price for you ask for a quote.

3. How frequent I should hire pest control in Dubai?

Ans: Our recommendation to do it bi-monthly. At least, you should do pest control thrice in a year.

4. Do I need to leave the house for pest control?

Ans: Not at all. We follow the latest methods and hygienic processes. You don’t need to leave your house for pest control.

5. Do I have to provide any equipment?

Ans: No, you don’t have to. We will bring the necessary equipment for pest control.

6. What is the most common way you follow for pest control?

Ans:Typically, we use pesticides to control pests. Clean Arabia only use government approved chemicals.

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