How to remove dpf filter for cleaning? What You Need To Know

How to remove dpf filter for cleaning? What You Need To Know

Diesel particulate filter or constantly referred to as DPF is seen on many post-2007 vehicles. This filter is there to eliminate soot or ash from the exhaust and reduce emission. But no matter how you try, dust or other ash will start to generate over the filter. There is a lot of misinformation about cleaning dpf. But how to remove dpf filter for cleaning?


Yes, there are a lot of ways you can start cleaning the dpf filter. We have three different maintenance processes to inform you. However, removing and cleaning the ash from the filter is suited to be the best. So, how can you do that? Today we are going to talk about that in detail.

Why do you need to use dpf removal?


How to remove dpf filter for cleaning


There are two different dpf regeneration process – active and passive regeneration. Sometimes you do need to remove the dpf for extensive cleaning. For instance, a truck needs both passive and active regeneration to run. However, after a while, you might find a lower fuel economy and performance.


There are many who like to go for dpf filter replacement. However, that’s a costly process and I don’t suggest it. Rather, any diesel mechanic will remove it and clean it perfectly. In this way, the vehicle will perform as designed.


Some mechanics like to use the heat and air procedure for cleaning the dpf filter. They let the heat generate outside the filter and let the soot to be loosened. Of course, this procedure does have some negativity and positivity. But one thing for sure, removing dpf and cleaning it can save you money.

How to remove the dpf filter for cleaning?

How to remove dpf filter for cleaning

How to remove dpf filter for cleaning


There are different ways you can clean a dpf filter. But the problem remains with removing it. Yes, you can go to a diesel mechanic and clean the filter. That way you won’t have to worry about doing everything on your own. Anyway, if you have all the equipment at home, why not try removing it yourself?


We know there are people who like to do things on their own. So, here are the steps you can remove a dpf filter from your vehicle.

First step: Remove engine cover, piping and then disconnect the sensors


In the beginning, remove the engine cover. Don’t forget to remove the piping too. Removing the engine cover and piping should not be a tough task. But you should be very careful not to ruin the cover or things inside.


After that, disconnect the sensors of your vehicle. These sensors include EGT, O2, and pressure sensors. A lot of people may not find the sensors at first. But check the plugs around the vehicle’s firewall. Or just look online searching with the specific model name.


Now, remove the heat shielding around your dpf filter. Also, remove the passenger side axle from the car. Every bit of work is very important. But always stay sharp and careful with your work.

Second Step: Now Jack Up Your Car


The next step is to jack up your car. Well, it’s hard to do this thing if you are new. So, just try to stay careful while jacking up your car. A lot of people try this at home. But without securing the car nicely, the car starts to move. And that can become a huge problem for removing the dpf. So, try to be careful while jacking up the car.

Third Step: Now to Disconnect the V-Card Clamps

V-Band Clamps are in the exhaust system of your vehicle. Before removing the clamps, you have to securely jack the vehicle first. Yes, it’s important to jack your car. But the work is not complete.


Before going any further, remove the two bolts in the DPF bracket. The DPF bracket is where the main task starts. So, securely remove the two bolts.

Fourth Step: Now to Remove the EGR

If you have completed all the instructions from above correctly – you are ready for the next task. Now, you can easily remove the EGR filter. But if you face difficulty doing so, that means you have done something wrong. Better go to a diesel mechanic as soon as possible.

There are many occurrences where people had to replace their EGR filter. So, try to be careful doing your DIY removal.

Fifth Step: Removing the Heat Shield Bolts

The underbody heat shield bolts are 3 inches long objects. After removing the EGR, we have to remove the heat shield bolts. Not to mention, you have to remove the cross body brace. And there you will find 4 3-inches bolts. It’s just right under the vehicle’s exhaust. Remove that part now.

Sixth Step: Removing the Upper DPF Bolts

Next up, you have to remove the upper DPF bolts. Now, remove the plugs and set aside wiring just like you need it to be. Sometimes people need to lower the subframe to get good access. Well, you can still do that by removing the passenger side axle.

But make sure the engine has proper support from above. Removing the subframe can always alter the whole alignment of the equipment. So, make sure everything above doesn’t fall easily.

Final Step: Remove the DPF

Now, we are on with the final process. Clearing the DPF is, of course, a hard task. If you have completed all the tasks perfectly, you can understand it’s a lot of work. Before pulling the DPF out, try to rotate it 1800 degrees.

Do the same thing while installing the DPF again. Try to move the filter over your steering rack. And this is the way you should try to remove your DPF filter.

Wrapping Up

DPF filter is a little backdated right now. But you will find them on trucks or other vehicles. There are other ways you can regenerate a dpf filter. However, sometimes you might need to clean the filter. To do so, removing the filter is important. And today we tried to guide you with the procedure. If you have the courage, you can try and remove it for cleaning.

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