How to Dry Carpets After Cleaning in Water? – Things You Must Do

How to Dry Carpets After Cleaning in Water? – Things You Must Do

Even with our difference in opinions, we can agree with one thing – cleaning carpets with water is a messy task. But what’s more annoying is drying the whole thing. So, how to dry carpets after cleaning in water? There are some important things we must answer before giving you a good idea about how to dry your carpets.

How Long Does it Take carpets to Dry After Cleaning in Water?


How to Dry Carpets After Cleaning in Water


Now, this is the first thing we should face before giving you a complete guideline. When you are cleaning your carpets using water, there are some different criteria. Yes, which time of the year you are cleaning is a big fact here. Anyway, the modern days let us dry carpets faster. We shall guide you with all those later on this content. But for now, let’s just think about the time limit. So, here is a list of the drying time after cleaning your carpets with water.

If you are completely flooding the whole carpet with water – it will take a lot of time to dry the whole carpet. However, there are other things that you should be worried about.

  • First, the fabric of your carpet.
  • Then the carpet size is another consideration.
  • Next, how you are cleaning the carpet with water is also crucial.
  • Finally, humidity and weather is another factor for your drying time.


Anyway, traditionally if you flood the carpet – it takes 3 or 5 days to dry. Now, that’s a huge amount of time you have to deal with. Anyway, if you clean the carpet in such a way that it becomes damp is good. It will take just about 2 to 3 hours. Not to mention, you can easily shorten the time with some simple tips and techniques.

Why do carpets take a lot of time to dry after cleaning in water?


How to Dry Carpets After Cleaning in Water


Carpets are usually made of fibers or other resin type materials. Most of the time, it’s made of fibers so that it can keep the dirt in check. But when you are cleaning the carpets in water, there’s a problem. The water is gradually going inside the spaces inside the carpet. Thus, the water will remain inside the fibers of the carpet.

Carpets use evaporation to dry. So, depending on the humidity and condition of the air near it – the carpet keeps drying. Evaporation is still a very slow process. That’s why it takes a lot of time to dry after you wash your carpets in water.

How to Dry Carpets After Cleaning in Water? – Things You Must Do


How to Dry Carpets After Cleaning in Water


After cleaning your carpets, everybody needs to find a fast solution for drying the thing. Now, how should you take the steps? I mean, the whole house has other things, and drying every part of the carpet is close to impossible. But still, you don’t want to ruin your carpets. So, just follow our tips right here.

First, Remove All the Furniture

This may seem absurd to a lot of people but it’s not. When you have washed your carpets with water, the whole thing is heavy. Drenched with water, you need the carpet to dry equally on every part. Yes, your carpets should dry equally on every portion. Otherwise, one place will stay dry and other parts will remain damp.

Removing all the furniture can help you a lot. If you keep them over the wet carpet, it may put dents or permanent stains. Not to mention, heavy objects can reduce the fluffiness. But that’s not the only thing you should be concerned about. Actually, if you remove the furniture, air will flow more freely. Thus, your carpets will dry nicely.

Try to Use Your Fans

If you are looking to clean your carpets faster – using the ceiling fan is the best choice. Yes, constant airflow is good for carpets. When you are using the fan, the whole carpet receives fresh air. Also if there is any part that stays damp it can always increase the bad smell. So, you must consider using fans.

Using desk fans can shorten the drying time a lot. Placing two desk fans at the two sides can always help you dry the carpets faster. Without using any sort of fan, you cannot dry your carpets faster.

Place Towels Over the Wet Area

Cleaning your carpets in water is really messy work. So, super wet carpets cannot just rely on fans for drying. Placing small or large dry towels can help you. Some people like to use fabric or any foam that can absorb water.


Use these things to soak out as much water as possible. This way, you can make the drying time shorter. Also, soaking out water can help your fans dry the carpets much faster. If the carpet is not drying faster, it might create a damp environment.

Make Sure Your Room Gets All the Sunlight


Just turning on the fans cannot help you dry carpets. Just think about it – fans are on but the windows are shut down. I can understand you are trying to keep the dirt away from the carpets. But if you close the windows, the whole room will have a damp smell and air. So, better open the windows so that the room gets more sunlight and fresh air.

Use a Vaccum Hose and Dehumidifier

Using a vacuum hose can also help you dry wet carpets faster. Or you can just get a professional blow-dry for your carpets. This will help you dry the carpets faster. Also, getting a dehumidifier can always help lock the moisture and control them.

Yes, drying carpets after cleaning in water takes a lot of time. Not to mention, you have to do some work to make the job faster. I know it’s going to be a lot of work but it will pay off.

If Possible – Turn on Air-Conditioning or heating

Well, the air from an air conditioner is not as fresh as a fan. But bear in mind, never use an air conditioner in the rainy season. You won’t be able to understand the dampness and air conditioner air.

Well, you can easily use the heater to dry the carpets. But just as we sad, air conditioning and heating is not the best way to dry your carpets.

Wrapping Up

If you are cleaning your carpets in water, all you need to think about is drying it. Because water can always ruin your carpets. Well, the most annoying thing is the time it takes to dry. However, you can take different measurements to dry the carpets faster. You just need to adjust the frequent airflow in the room you are drying your carpets.

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