Garden Management Service In Dubai

Garden Management Services In Dubai

Are You Looking For Gardening Services In Dubai? Clean Arabia is the leading team in providing eye-catching gardens in Dubai. We propose the best maintenance programs that must be a good match with your afford and fit what your garden needs. We have proved ourselves as an excellent reliable and high-quality skilled team and having this status really values us. We also provide full time maid in Dubai. You can ask them to  take care of your garden. We serve for private homeowners, commercial beautification projects, garden designers and landscape builders throughout Dubai and adjoining the city. Our complete garden management programs include diagnostics, scheduled support, restoration and replacing when needed.

We ensure:

  • Customize Garden Care
  • Mechanical & Electrical Systems Service
  • Loyal Garden Manager
  • Certified Horticulturalists
  • Certified & Licensed Groundskeepers
  • Organic Based Systems

Our loyal Garden Manager

Your garden requires specific care and attention. To assure that happens systematically, we designate a loyal garden manager to conduct the program. The garden manager is answerable for knowing everything about your garden plants, mechanical systems and landscape structures. He supervises and investigates all performance. You can ask him if you concern anything at any time, he will be available for you by phone or email —if not in the physique. Your garden manager will keep you notified as to what he is doing and why. We will send a written report of all maintenance actions completed after every visit.

Daily, Weekly & Seasonal Garden Supervision schedule 

We suggest daily, weekly, bi-monthly and seasonal service plans with many choices designed to preserve your plants and trees blooming and to keep your landscape systems in good working routine at all times.


Pools, Water Features and Irrigation Systems Maintenance

We provide complete services for the design and accomplishment of Pools, Water Features and Irrigation Systems Maintenance.

We propose our clients trained, certified and experienced pool cleaners and the latest equipment. Whether a customer requires routine swimming pool cleaning services or a one-off fast or deep clean we can be of assistance. We also work on both indoor and outdoor. We provide adjustable maintenance services to suit all needs from a one-off check to Daily and weekly visits.

Don’t take a hazard with your swimming pool or the safety of your family. Let us control the year-round well-being of your pool.

Gardening in Dubai, Gardening Services in Dubai

It seems that you don’t get enough time to maintain your garden. That’s quite normal. Particularly, in a country like Dubai gardening is a tough task. Hot temperature makes it really challenging to maintain a garden perfectly.

Are you worried about gardening in Dubai? Feeling sad about dull plants in your garden? Clean Arabia can help you at this point.

Do you want to know how?

To keep you free from gardening stresses, we are providing Gardening Services in Dubai. Get ready to enjoy the green scene of your lovely garden. Feeling exciting? Let me narrate our gardening and landscaping Services.

In the end, there will be a surprise for you.

Gardening in Dubai

Clean Arabia, the best garden maintenance company in Dubai can help you with you any kinds of Gardening deals. We have different planning and pricing for different types of gardening services. Whether you are looking for Commercial or Residential Gardening, we can assist you in both.

Gardening isn’t about applying fertilizer and insect’s killer only. Proper maintenance of a garden needs proper observations like cutting the edges, hoe, mowing etc. You will these entire garden maintaining facilities when you book our service.

Want to keep your garden animated? 

Everyone wants to feel the air of an animated garden. Being a Middle East country, the hot climate in Dubai becomes big a restriction on it. But it’s not impossible to get that vibe. Your garden just needs some extra care.

We are devoted to take that care. Our daily garden maintenance work will keep your garden fresh, green and animated. Expert gardeners of Clean Arabia will do the watering, mowing, grass cutting, hoe etc. to keep the garden in the best form.

Get Service from Professional Gardeners

You will get certified and skilled gardeners from us. Hence, they will take proper care of your garden. You don’t need to think about gardening equipment or fertilizers or pesticide. CA will provide everything. It’s time to sweep your worries about gardening in Dubai.

Residential Gardening Service in Dubai  

Having a garden in your resident makes the environment fresh and enjoyable. Do you also want to enjoy this type of environment? Our Residential Gardening services will the best choice for you.
We’ll decorate your resident according to your expectation. Your residential place will be full of grass and beautiful flowers. Close your eyes and think about these. Feels pretty good, isn’t it?
But the concern is the stress of maintaining a garden. Don’t need to carry the pounding of garden maintenance anymore. Leave it on us.
Don’t have a garden currently, but wishing for having one?
We can also help you at this point. Contact us and tell us your requirements. You will set up everything for you.

Commercial Gardening Service in Dubai

Are you belonging to a commercial garden? Finding it difficult to maintain it? Or you may want to start a new commercial garden.

Clean Arabia can help you with both.

We have professional gardeners to take care of your commercial garden. Our services include land care, watering, shaping & reshaping, edge cutting, grass trimming & cutting, fertilizing and pruning. We will also apply other processes if needed.

We can also supply and plant trees according to your needs. You can get both small and big trees.

In a word, you can give us all the responsibilities of residential gardening in Dubai.

Balcony Gardening Service in Dubai 

Living in an apartment? Willing to have a garden? We have a special plan for you. You can take our balcony gardening service. For having a garden, it isn’t necessary that you should have a big resident.

With our balcony gardening service, you can get all benefits of the garden from your balcony. Willing to know more about it? Okay, alright.

Though balcony gardening isn’t as popular as residential gardening in Dubai. But it’s getting acceptance day by day. You can get fresh vegetables; enjoy flowers in your own garden. Moreover, it doesn’t require big spaces. That’s a big advantage.

Contact us now and book your reservation.

Gardening Maintenance Services at a Glance

For your kind consideration, let me show you our gardening maintenance services at a glance.

  • Installing Grass (Includes Supply)
  • Installing Trees (Includes Supply)
  • Watering
  • Maintain Fences
  • Fence Structuring
  • Specific Shaping & design with Grass
  • Maintaining Grass
  • Maintaining Trees
  • Fertilization
  • Removing Leaves
  • Plant replacing according to the season

So, you can notice we are comprehensive gardening services in Dubai. To get the best experience, contact us now and get your quote.

Artificial Grass Installation

Already connected to gardening? Then you should be familiar with the problem of maintaining the natural grass of a garden. To keep you away from these difficulties we are proving Artificial Grass Installation Service.

Particularly in a hot climate using artificial grass gives you lots of advantages. You can enjoy the landscape scene as like as you want. Moreover, there is no extra bill for maintenance, such as watering mowing, hedge cutting etc. Luckily, don’t need to worry about the hot climate.

If you also want to get rid of these frustrating things, you can switch to artificial grass. We will supply and install grasses. Our expert team will décor your garden beautifully.

Contact us now to get your quote.

The advantage of doing Gardening in Dubai

Having a garden is always great. Particularly, in the Middle-East a garden can be beneficial in many ways.

  • Improve your mental and physical health 

Is there anything more valuable than health? Having a garden is helpful both for mental and physical health. Fresh air and beautiful scenery will boost your mental health. At the same time, you can produce fresh fruits and vegetables in your own garden. It will keep your physical health fit.

  • Enjoy fresh Oxygen

Your garden will produce fresh oxygen for you. You will get a special feeling at the time of visiting your garden. This feeling is really special.

  • Create Your Own Space

To keep the balance with the busy life in Dubai, we hardly get any time to spend with ourselves. Having a garden gives you the option to spends some time with your own existence. It also makes your connection close to nature.

  • Self-satisfaction

Last but not the least, nature has given us a lot. Now, it’s time to give something to nature. What can be a better gift than a garden? It will give you a self-Satisfaction.

Why you should take gardening services in Dubai? 

We can understand the value of your time. Hiring a gardening company in Dubai will be beneficial for you in multiple ways.

You may get a local gardener at a cheap price. But you can’t expect professional gardening from him what so ever. As I have mentioned earlier, gardening isn’t only about fertilizing.

Get Valuable Advice

Professional Gardening Service Company like Clean Arabia can help you with their valuable advice. You can get a unique plan, useful sources different ideas etc.

Keep Your Garden Balanced 

If you are involved with Gardening in Dubai, you should keep the environment of your garden balanced. An experienced full time maid will be helpful for you at this point. Proper observation, watering at the right time, cutting grass and edges, giving pesticide everything should be under control.

Don’t need to think about the equipment

When you hire a professional company for your gardening purpose, they will arrange all types of equipment. That’s a big plus point. Especially, people with a busy schedule hardly get any time to manage equipment.

Get the right Care for your garden 

Professional Gardeners know it exactly how to look after a garden. If you are producing vegetables and fruits in your garden, you should obviously choose a skilled gardener. Then you will be able to extract the highest benefits from your garden.

How Clean Arabia Can help you with gardening in Dubai? 

CA is the all in one solution for your gardening needs. Whether you need suggestions from expert gardeners or you may look for plant installation we can help you in both cases.

As we are an experienced gardening service provider, we are more than sufficient to handle your garden. We know how to maintain a garden in the best way.

We can suggest you for designing your garden. Its theme and plant installation.

Apart from these, we will professionally perform pruning, hedge trimming, weeding, fertilizing, transplanting of young trees and shrubs, mulching, planting, garden clearance and green waste removal Irrigation.

Why you are delaying then? Contact us and get your quote.

How much I have to pay? 

Thinking about the pricing? At this point, you may know that there are different types of gardens and requirements are also different.

That’s why the exact price depends on your requirements. We can ensure that you will get the best gardening service in Dubai within your budget.

Ask for a quote now and get your pricing list.

How frequently I should take the service? 

Actually, it depends on your requirements. We offer service on a monthly and weekly basis. Tell us about your requirements. If you are confused about choosing, you can take a recommendation from us.

Clean Arabia is always ready to hear from you.


Tips for Better Gardening Experience

Can you remember I’ve mentioned about the surprise at the end? This is a surprise for you. From our expert, gardeners here are some golden tips for a better gardening experience.

Feeling excited? Let me reveal those tips.

  • Pick Good Soil 

Good soil is the foundation of a successful garden. That’s why make sure that the soil of your garden is fertilized. It’s better to start with amended soil.

  • Work Smarter, not harder

To get a better garden, it doesn’t mean that you have to work all day long. Don’t do watering unnecessarily. The same rules are also applicable to other sections too.

  • Change Some trees according to the season

With the change of the season, also make some changes in trees. It makes a garden more exciting to visit.

  • Plant self-seed Trees 

This is a great tip to grow your garden. Self-seed trees will make it easier for you to manage trees.


That’s it for today. Now, let me finish with some FAQs.


Q. Is it expensive to hire a gardening company in Dubai?

A. If you choose Clean Arabia, you don’t have to pay much. You can get service according to your needs.


Q. Do I need to manage equipment?

A. No, you don’t need to think about equipment. We will manage everything.


Q. Do you charge for the Quote?

A. No, there is no additional charge for quotes. You can ask for a quote now.

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