Maids In Dubai

Maids In Dubai

Get Experienced Maids in Dubai 

Dubai is one of the busiest cities in the world. If you are living in Dubai then you may hardly get any time to do household works. Routine tasks household works become a great matter of concern here. Are you also facing the same problem? Then Clean Arabia is available to give a solution.

We are offering maids in Dubai. So, doing household works isn’t a matter of concern anymore. We have different types of packages according to your budgets and requirements. Let makes a dive forward to know more.

Maids in Dubai

Now, I’m going to introduce our different types of maid Services in Dubai.

Part-Time Maids in Dubai

First of all, I want to inform you about our part-time maid service. You may not want to hire a maid for full time. You just need a helping hand for a few hours. In this case, you can take our part-time maid service.

Finding a reliable and trustworthy maid in Dubai is tough stuff, we want to make it easy for you. You can hire maids from us on an hourly basis. Our service is flexible and you have different choices according to your requirements. All of our maids are fully trained, experienced and caring. You can rely on Clean Arabia.

Moreover, we will take our feedback on a regular basis. If you have any issues with our service, we’ll solve it as soon as possible. Clean Arabia always cares about your satisfaction. Want to know which types of services you can get from or part-time maid service?

Okay, alright. Allow me to narrate.

Services You Will Get

Our maid will do scrubbing, mopping, sweeping and wiping to present you a clean home environment. These are the basic services.

If you want, you can also add extra services as per your requirements. For example, you can add cloth washing, fridge and Oven Cleaning and other chores.

We always maintain high standards in our work.

Benefits of hiring part-time maids

Dubai is moving forwards at a great pace. Household works and chores are really tough to maintain within a busy schedule. It’s tough to balance daily routine between all theses. A helping hand like a maid can be a great solution for this.

Hiring a full-time maid may be a costly task or you may have a little number of works. In this situation, the Part-time maid is the perfect choice for you. As we are flexible, set the timing and working hour at your convenience.

  • Save Your Time

Household works and chores kill a lot of time. There is no doubt about it. It’s really energy losing. That also affects your productivity. Hiring a maid you can save your time and use it for your essential works.

  • Trained Maids

All of our maids are professionally trained. So, you will get the best quality service. They will take care of your home with perfection. They know the use of various equipments. Isn’t it great? I think so.

  • Stay Relax 

As our maids will do your household works. Now, you have time to relax in your clean home. Spend time with your family and friends. Especially, when you have a newborn baby it is nearly impossible to do chores. So, you can take care of your baby and let us take the responsibility of chores.

Price for Hiring Part-time Maids in Dubai

As I have said earlier, we have different prices depending on your requirements. To know the exact price, ask for a quote with your requirements. Then we will inform you of the exact price.

Let’s ask for a quote now. We can ensure you that we will offer you the best service within your budget.

Full-time Maids in Dubai

Do you think that a part-time maid isn’t sufficient for you? Then you can take our full-time housemaid service in Dubai. Our maids will take care of you all household works.

It’s obvious that you are looking for reliable and trustworthy maids. Clean Arabia wants to ensure this. There are lots of advantages to having a full-time maid. You’ll get more facilities than a part-time service.

You can sweep stress about household works including some other tasks too. Allow me to narrate.

Services You Will Get

Full-time maid service isn’t only about cleaning your home. According to your requirements, we will also offer you cooking and babysitting services.

Particularly, if you have little baby babysitting will be convenient for you.

Our maids are experts in child caring. A maid will be always present in your home. Obviously, you would look for someone trusted.

That’s why we strictly check the background of our maids. So, you can rely on us.


In full-time service, a maid will be always present in your home. If your household task increase suddenly you don’t have to feel the pressure anymore. Think about the time when friends or relatives come to visit you. It becomes challenging to balance between household tasks and spending time with them.

But with our service, you are not going to face these problems anymore. Apart from this, when you want to take part-time service you may have a problem with your busy schedule. In full-time maid service, there is no tension like this.

  • Become tension Free

As our maid is going to take the responsibilities of the household works including cooking and babysitting, you don’t have to tension about these anymore.

  • Maintain Your Daily Schedule freely 

From now on, household works and chores are not going to interrupt your schedule. So, maintain your daily routine as like as you want.

  • Replacement Available

In case, you don’t feel satisfied with the service of the Maid we provide. You can inform us of your requirements we will replace the maid.

  • Customize as per Requirements

As we are flexible you can customize the services you want to take. So, you can set the plan according to your budget.

Price for Hiring full-time maids in Dubai

At this point, you may understand that it depends on the requirements. As we are offering different services, the cost depends on you.

If you want to hire maids in Dubai with basic home cleaning service then you have to pay less. When you add extra services like Cooking, babysitting or other tasks then extra charge will be added. In the same way, if you want to cross out any service then we will deduct the charge.

Actually, this is for your convenience. You only have to pay according to your need. To know the price according to your necessities ask for a quote now. Clean Arabia offers the best service in your budget.

Which one to choose, Part-time maid or Full-time maid?

Feeling confused to take your decision? Yes, I can understand. Sometimes it can be a confusing task. Both are convenient in their different ways.

Like, a part-time maid service is cost-effective. Full-time maid service is costlier than part-time because it gives you more facilities. Now, question yourself that which one will be the perfect one for you.

If you still feel confused, you can take consultation from us. Contact us now and inform your requirements and budget. Then we will suggest a suitable house maid service for you. Contact us anytime without any hesitation.

The Process of taking our Service

Clean Arabia has made it easy to get maids in Dubai. Let me tell you the process:

  • Tell us what you need

Inform us about your requirements or services that you are looking for. You can fill-up the form or directly call us.

  • Get your quote

Then you will get a quote from us. After receiving the quotes, confirm the details for the service.

  • Enjoy Our Service

After confirming the service, you can relax in your home. Our maids will reach your home in time.

That’s it.

Why choose us? 

With thousands of happy clients, Clean Arabia is a trusted and reliable name. From us, you can expect the best service within your budget.

  • Pay Only For Your Needs 

We have customizable packages. You have to pay only for the services you need.

  • The place for you every home & office cleaning needs

Clean Arabia provides every type of cleaning service you need in your home and office. So, don’t need to go anywhere else.

  • Standard Quality Service 

Clients Satisfaction is the main focus of Clean Arabia. We are devoted to providing you the best maids in Dubai.

  • Customer Support Team

Our customer support team is always ready to hear from you. Your feedback is valuable to us. We always try to provide our service as per your requirements.

  • You have the freedom

Your decision is valuable to us. You can stop the service anytime. There is no restriction or no limitation. Sound pretty good, isn’t it?


I hope you have understood our standard and service quality. If you are searching for Experienced Maids in Dubai, you should try service from Clean Arabia.

Having a maids give you lots of benefits. Most importantly, you can save your precious time. Why is the delay then? Let’s get a quote now.

Allow me to finish with some FAQ


How much does a maid cost in Dubai?

It actually depends on the types of service you are looking for. We have different categories based on your necessary. Contact us with your requirements. We will inform you of the price.


Where can I find a maid in Dubai?


Ans: Finding Maids in Dubai isn’t a matter of concern anymore. You can easily get maids from Clean Arabia.

Does it cost too much to hire a maid in Dubai?

Ans: Not really. Clean Arabia has different price categories as per requirements.

How much it will cost if I ask for a quote?

Ans: We don’t charge for quotes. You don’t have to pay for this.

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