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Get Cleaning Service in Dubai at Affordable Price

All of us want to live in an environment that is neat and tidy. Unfortunately, it is tough to manage time, energy and effort to keep our sweet home always clean. Are you also facing the same problem? Don’t need to worry about it anymore.

Fortunately, Clean Arabia is available to help you in this case. With our Professional Cleaning Service in Dubai, you can always keep your sweet home neat and clean.


Cleaning Services in Dubai 

We always feel the need for a helping hand when it comes to cleaning. Clean Arabia can feel your needs and devoted to fulfilling.

Our Professionally Trained Cleaners will provide you a to z cleaning service. Currently, we are providing cleaning services all over Dubai. Book us and we will reach your home.

Services That We Offer

Want to know about our types of Cleaning Services? Let’s have a look and decide which one is your need.

Home Cleaning Service

We cover all kinds of home cleaning services. From now on, you don’t need to be fretting to clean your house. We will provide Wiping down surfaces, Vacuuming, Dusting, mopping all sorts of home cleaning services.

Save Your Valuable time

So, you can use your precious time in your important work. Let me inform you that wash clothing service is also included in our home cleaning Service. We have sufficient cleaners so that we can fulfill any kind of requirement. Moreover, we will bring cleaning equipment so that you don’t need to take stress about anything.

Get Price

You may think that taking our home cleaning service is too expensive. But that’s not the actual case. We charge affordable prices from our clients. For sure, your time is more expensive than our price. Do you want to know the exact price?

Contact us now with your requirements, we will inform the exact price for your house cleaning service.


  • Deep Cleaning Service

Typically, Dubai city has a humid environment. That’s why dirt can easily enter your home. To stay you safe from dirt, germs, and bacteria, we are providing Deep Cleaning Service. Want to know why deep cleaning is more effective than regular cleaning?


Specialty of Deep Cleaning 

Alright, regular cleaning only includes the surfaces and areas you use regularly. But there are some areas like the inner side of the Ovens, Cabinets, Fans, AC vents etc. remains untouched and dirty. These can produce germs and make home environments unhygienic. That’s why we recommend taking our deep cleaning service in Dubai at least two times a year. Particularly, when you are going to shift your home you should take this service.

Get Price 

Thinking about the cost of the service? Okay, it depends on your apartment size. But we can ensure that we will not break your bank. It will be affordable. Contact us now with details of your home to know the exact price.

  • Cleaning and Sanitization Service in Dubai

During this COVID-19 pandemic, sanitization has become more important than ever. To keep your home and office disinfected, Clean Arabia is offering Cleaning and Sanitization Service.


We are Different

The specialty of this service is we don’t use typical cleaning material for sanitization of your living place. We perform this process with Chemicals, biocides and other sanitizing equipment. Let us clean your living place and ensure you a germless environment.

Permit me to tell you the process shortly. First of all, we will remove dust and dirt. After that, our professional cleaner will start the sanitization procedure. We will clean armrests of chair, doorknobs, tables, mouse, keyboard, switches and other surfaces that we touch frequently. Cleaners will sanitize floors and other surfaces, furniture’s with a professional steamer.

Materials We Use

It seems that you want to know about our sanitization materials. Listen, Clean Arabia only use Government-approved equipment. These materials are child friendly. Our sanitization materials won’t harm your pet as the materials are pet friendly too. We use materials like ethyl Alcohol, Suma Final Step 1024 Sanitizer, TB Disinfectant Cleaner etc.

Get Price

Why you are doing a delay then? Contact us now and make your living space disinfected.

  • Office Cleaning Service 

Looking for a reliable cleaning service provider to clean your office in Dubai? Arabian Cleaner is the company that you are looking for.

You can hire us both for full building cleaning or specific floor cleaning. Cleaning office space is an energy losing task. Luckily, you don’t have to bother this stress. Hire us and you can stay relax.

Give us the Responsibly 

Let us take the responsibility of your office cleaning work.

We are vastly experienced in this field. Our professional office cleaner’s team will make your workplace neat and clean without damaging any equipment.

A dirty environment in an office can be harmful to your business in many ways. First of all, it’s unhygienic. Secondly, a dusty environment makes it tough to focus on the work. That’s why a clean and tidy environment is much needed in an office.

Get Price 

Do you want to know about the price of the service? We need the information about your service requirements for this. Contact us now and we will offer you a reasonable price.

  • Window Cleaning Service

Humid and hot surroundings are not good at all for windows. It can easily get dirty and becomes a matter of concern for you. But hopefully, it will not be concerning anymore. We are providing window cleaning services in Dubai.

Dirty on the window? Not Anymore

From now on, we will keep your windows always clean. You just need to hire us when it gets dusty. Particularly, when you are living in a villa you have to take care of the windows. But it is hardly possible to manage time for cleaning windows. Take our window cleaning service for villas and apartments. Then you can sit relax and enjoy the sky scene throughout Clean Windows.

We clean both inside and outside part of the window. Don’t be worry about the damaging of the window glass. We do processing carefully without damaging the window. We make sure that there will be no marks after drying.

Get Price

Tell us now how many windows are available in your living place. Our cleaner team will reach your home to provide you the best service.

  • Pool and Water Tank Cleaning Service in Dubai  

Clean water is one of the basic needs for us. Water isn’t just needed for drinking. Clean water is also needed for showering and cooking. You can buy bottled water for drinking purposes. But what about shower and cooking water?

Thankfully, we are offering you a Pool and water tank cleaning service in Dubai. In the Middle East, most of the people depend on pumped water. The tank you use to store your water should clean frequently. So that the water you are using stays free from germs and bacteria. Are you confused about how often you should clean your water tank? The expert suggests to do it twice in a year.

Don’t let the bacteria in

When you don’t clean your tank for a long time it becomes a habitat for bacteria, germs, fungi etc. If you cook with this water, then unintentionally you are inviting waterborne disease.

Let me give you a brief description of our tank cleaning process. First of all, we clean the dust by scrubbing the surface. But after the primary cleaning, germs and bacteria can still be available in the tank. That’s we use disinfecting liquid to make sure that the tank becomes clean and germs-free.

You will able to feel the difference of clean tank water. Want to know the pricing of our water tank cleaning service? Ask for a quote now.


Pool Cleaning 

Keeping your pool water clean and hygienic is highly necessary. As you and your family take shower in it regularly you should always ensure its cleanliness. But it’s a time-killing task to clean the water of your pool.

Pool cleaning isn’t just removing leaves from the water and through chemicals on the water. Our cleaning service is much comprehensive than it.

Fungi, bacteria are common factors when you don’t clean the pool water. Clean Arabia ensures that your pool water is not only clean but also hygienic. Our professional pool cleaning service also includes pool equipment cleaning.

Get Price 

Contact us and get your quotes now. We will inform the exact price according to your pool size. You can also hire us regularly. Stay relax and allow us to take care of your pool.

  • Sofa Cleaning Service in Dubai

Does your sofa look untidy and dust is sticking with it?

We are here with the solution. With our sofa cleaning service, you can enjoy your home environments with a clean and new looking sofa.


Give A newly look 

Firstly, our professional cleaner team will inspect your sofa condition. Then they will decide which types of sofa cleaning will be the best for you. Let me inform you that we offer both steam cleaning and shampoo cleaning.

It depends on your sofa materials that which one will be suitable. A sofa is an important element of the home environment.


Stay Free from Stress 

When it becomes untidy, lots of problems are going to appear. Firstly, it affects the look of the home space. More importantly, dust accumulates on the sofa when you don’t clean it for a long time. It’s unhygienic for you and your family. That can be the cause of allergy. With our professional cleaning services in Dubai, you can stay free from these suffering.

Ask for a quote 

Want to know how frequently you should use this service? Clean Arabia suggests you take the service twice a year. If you haven’t cleaned your sofa in the last six months, contact us now. We will reach your home with proper pieces of equipment.

  • AC Cleaning Service in Dubai 

If you are living in Dubai, the importance of Ac is already known to you. As we get more summer months than winter, our Air Conditioner must work properly. That’s why you should clean your AC twice a year. But where are the time, energy and effort to do it yourself?

Relax, Clean Arabia is offering AC Cleaning Service for you. It will be beneficial for you in many ways. You will see an improvement in cooling after you clean your AC. At the same time, you can save your electricity bill notably. An AC spends more energy when it isn’t in proper condition. That increases the bill of electricity. So, with our service, you can save your dirham. Moreover, an unmaintained AC can make the environment unhygienic.

Stay Safe with Our Service 

When you don’t clean your AC for a long time, the dust appears on the coil of the Air Conditioner. Even it can break down your AC. In a hot and humid environment, it is tough to spend a few hours without AC. None of us want to face this situation.

An unmaintained AC circulates unhygienic air. It can cause allergies and asthma. The good thing is when you take our service we ensure that it’s running properly. Hire us and stay on the safe side.

Thinking about doing it yourself? 

We strongly recommend you to not do this. You need to have the right tools and knowledge about the process. There are lots of parts inside the AC you may fail to reach without proper skill.


Get Quote

Ask for a quote now to get your price. We will reach your home or office.

What You Can Expect From Us?

Who doesn’t want to expect more? Let me inform you of what you can expect from us.

  • High Quality  

We have professionals in this field. So, you can hope for the best quality. Clean Arabia never makes any compromise with quality what so ever.

  • Responsibilities 

We feel the responsibility. At the time of cleaning, we take proper care of your equipment. There is no chance of getting damaged anything by us.

  • Quick Response 

We understand the value of your time. That’s why we are always quick to respond to your queries.

  • Affordable Price

Customer satisfaction is most important for us. We provide our service at an affordable price. So that everyone can afford our service and stay clean and tidy.


1.Is cleaning services expensive in Dubai?

Considering the advantages of taking a cleaning service, it’s not expensive. But the exact price depends on your requirements. You can contact us to know the exact price.

2.Does Clean Arabia provide all types of cleaning services?

Yes, we provide almost all sorts of cleaning services. Call us with your requirements.


3.Do I need to provide the cleaning equipment?

No, you just need to hire us. We will reach you with all the necessary equipment.


4.Do I need to pay any extra charge for advanced booking?

Not at all. You don’t have to pay extra for booking early.

Final Words

From now on, you don’t need to worry about dust and dirt. Contact us to take our cleaning service in Dubai. Our cleaning team will reach you. Let’s get your first quotes.

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