Whether it is an office or home, the carpet is one of the most essential and beautiful decors. Along with making a room comfortable it insulates our feet from the floor and gives a warm touch. But dust can easily accumulate on carpets and make the indoor environment dirty and unhygienic.

To keep you away from this kind of problem, Clean Arabia is providing carpet cleaning services in Dubai. With our professional cleaning service, your indoor environment will be neat and clean. In this article, you are going to get a complete solution for carpet cleaning in Dubai. So, let’s make a dive into the deep.

Carpet Cleaning Service in Dubai


Carpets become dirty in many ways such as, from shoes, pets flying dust from the air etc. Dirty carpets can create more problems than you can even think. A dirty carpet isn’t only disturbing to see, but also unhygienic for health. Dust and dirt are some of the key reasons for allergy-related problems.

Therefore, regular carpet cleaning is must necessary. Most of the people in Dubai city lead a busy life. During this busyness, it is nearly impossible to manage time for cleaning carpets and rugs. Do you want to get rid of these problems?

You just need to hire us. Let us take the duty of carpets cleaning. We will reach your home or office with our highly skilled carpet cleaner’s team. Willing to take our service? Let me describe briefly.

Only Vacuuming Isn’t enough

Normally, people used to clean the carpet with the normal vacuum cleaner. Are you also one of them?

Unfortunately, this is the wrong tactic. Most of the carpets are made of fibers. Dust sticks tightly with the fibers. Only vacuuming cant impulse those dust, germs, and bacteria.

Our skilled carpet cleaners perform the cleaning process with a powerful vacuum cleaner. After vacuuming, we will follow the shampoo cleaning or steam cleaning method. Then your carpets will be free from dust, germ and other bacteria. Thus, your indoor environments will be clean and healthy.

Do you also want to get such kinds of indoor environments? Contact us now.

Save your Money

Is there anyone who wants to replace carpets frequently? Dust forces us to do so.

Regular dust damages carpets and rugs. Without proper cleaning, your beautiful and expensive carpets get damaged. Then unwillingly you have to buy another one. Do you want to come out of this situation? Willing to increase the life-span time of your carpets?

You need an experienced carpet cleaning company like Clean Arabia. We can assist you with this issue. Our deep cleaning service will help your carpets to last longer. So, you can save your money from replacing carpets frequently.  Sounds exciting, isn’t it? Wait… there are more benefits.

No dust, No tension

Dust can be the root of many problems. Are you suffering from allergies? Dust is one of the main reasons for this. To stay safe from allergy, you should keep your surroundings free from dust. Then what about your carpets? Looking for a professional cleaning company in Dubai? Leave it on us. We will clean your carpets professionally.

Now, let me tell you about our service categories.

Office Carpet Cleaning Service in Dubai

There are many things like productivity, worker’s attention, comfort, etc. depends on the work environment of the office. You should clean the office carpet frequently to maintain a clean working environment.

Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t pay attention to office carpet cleaning. That’s why it affects negatively from various perspectives. Clean Arabia is available to assist you.

Our deep carpet cleaning service will ensure that the environment of your office remains neat and clean. Contact us anytime and our professional cleaners in Dubai will reach your office.

Searching for office carpet shampooing service? We are offering this service all over Dubai. Carpet shampooing is far better than normal vacuuming. To make you happier, along with shampoo we also use chemicals to clean away bacteria and germs. Thinking about the drying time? We will dry your carpet within a few hours.

Are the carpets neat & clean in your office? If not, contact us as soon as possible.

Home Carpet Cleaning Service in Dubai

Do you know, indoor air might become 100x worse compared to outdoors? Are you wondering how? It is for the existence of dust, germs, and bacteria in the carpet of your home. Breathing in this polluted air can create many diseases.

Want to get rid of these? Clean Arabia is offering Home Carpet cleaning service in your city Dubai. Frequently cleaning keeps your home environment comfortable to live. At the same time, the home environment stays safe. Sometimes, dirty carpets produce bad smell. That’s horrible to tolerate.

With our deep cleaning service, your carpet will smell fresh and looks like a new one. Our service isn’t like the typical vacuuming only. It’s comprehensive and much more effective.

Why you are making a delay then? Let’s try out our service now and experience a fresh indoor environment.

Rug Cleaning Service in Dubai

Children and pets tend to spend a lot of time playing on the rug. It’s an important part of indoor. It’s essential to keep it always neat and clean.

Clean Arabia is offering rug cleaning services in Dubai. Don’t have to worry about dust and allergy when children play on rugs. When you DIY Rug cleaning, it might not become free from germs. But we are experienced in this field.

According to the condition of the rug, we provide two types of cleaning. We also dry the rug after washing so that you don’t have to take any stress.

Do you want to enjoy a clean and fresh-looking rug? Contacts us now and ask for a quote.

Working process

Are you eager to know about our working process? We follow seven effective steps. Let me narrate.

  • Inspection

At the very first, our cleaner’s team inspects the carpets visually. In this step, we determine the cleaning process.

  • Primary Cleaning

In this step, we’ll make ready your carpet for cleaning such as taking your carpets to the terrace or balcony, move furniture etc.

  • Vacuum Cleaning

In the 3rd step, our professional cleaners will clean the carpet with the help of a powerful vacuum cleaner. They will carefully remove visible dirt from the surface of the carpet.

  • Applying Detergent

This is the pre-stage of shampooing. CA team will apply detergents to the spot that needs additional cleaning.

  • Carpet Shampooing

Now, professional cleaners will apply the carpet shampooing method. This procedure extracts dirt from the deep. This step is performed by highly skilled cleaners.

  • Drying

After washing, we extract water with a suction machine so that the carpet dries quickly. It doesn’t harm the fibers of the carpet.

  • Last Step

Finally, our cleaner’s team performs their ultimate inspection. We are devoted to providing you 100% satisfaction.

Why you should choose Clean Arabia?

  • Highly experienced in this field
  • 24/7 service
  • High quality & affordable Price
  • Know the exact cleaning requirements of the carpet
  • Comprehensive and effective cleaning method.
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Use advance cleaning equipment

Benefits of taking our Services

Luxurious look

When there is everything clean, it will give a luxurious look to your indoor or office.

Healthy Environment

A clean environment ensures that there are no dust, dust, and germs in the indoor air.

Extend lifetime

With regular cleaning and maintenance, the lifetime of the carpet increases.

Comfortable Feelings

Most importantly, you are going to feel comfortable in a clean home environment.

How often should I take the service?

You should take the deep Carpet cleaning service at least once a year. Alongside, as per the dust intensity, you can hire us monthly.

Have you cleaned your carpet within one year? If you haven’t, contact us immediately.

Get the price

I think you want to know the exact price. It depends on the carpet and its cleaning requirements. To get the exact price, ask for a quote now.

Last words from us

You will be able to feel the difference in your indoor environment after our cleaning service. Fresh air, improved look, healthy environment you can enjoy everything. You are going to be happy with our service quality. You shouldn’t make any delay from asking for a quote.

For any further information, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Q. Which carpet cleaning method is best?

A. Sometimes it depends on the materials of the carpet. Generally, steam cleaning is the best way to clean a carpet.


Q. Who are the best carpet cleaning companies in Dubai?

A. Clean Arabia is devoted to providing the best carpet cleaning service in Dubai.


Q. How much does it cost to clean a carpet in Dubai?

A. It depends on the carpet size. For a medium-size carpet, it takes approximately AED 125. Contact us to get the exact price for your carpet.


Q. What’s the difference between DIY and professional Service?

A. In DIY, you might not have the proper skills and equipment to clean the carpet effectively. When you take service from a professional company like Clean Arabia, they will clean your carpet effectively. The carpet will be free from dust, germs and bacteria.


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